With growing concern about indoor air quality, it’s easy to convince homeowners to have their home ducts cleaned.

Ducts in your home may be dirty and need cleaning after remodeling.

However, you should have your ducts cleaned only if you have had significant dust and debris (from a home construction renovation) or you have pets that create a lot of hair that gets into the ducts. Or, cigarette or cigar smoking can also make ducts dirty quicker, or is someone in your household experiencing allergy-related symptoms then you should look into getting your home ducts cleaned.  

Otherwise, there is no reason to clean your ducts unless you have significant dust & debris in your home and only then, should you get them cleaned. The EPA recommends only cleaning ducts that are contaminated or have heavy dust/debris in a unit. Visible Mold should be cleaned immediately from a professional HVAC company. Remember if you smell something that is a odor you don’t recognize, you want to get this checked with a certified HVAC company right away as it could be harmful to your health.